AIOU MA Urdu Solved Assignments 2023 (PDF Download)

Are you looking for AIOU MA Urdu solved assignment 2023 Spring & Autumn? Then you are in the right place. Here we provide you AIOU solved MA Urdu assignment in pdf format.

AIOU MA Urdu Solved Assignments 2023 (PDF Download)

Course CodeBook NameDownload
5601History of Urdu Literature – IDownload
5602History of Urdu Literature – IIDownload
5603Urdu Fiction – IDownload
5604Urdu Fiction – IIDownload
Course CodeBook NameDownload
5605Urdu Criticism – IDownload
5606Urdu Criticism – IIDownload
5607Urdu Poetry – IDownload
5608Urdu Poetry – IIDownload
Course CodeBook NameDownload
5609Styles in Urdu Prose – IDownload
5610Styles in Urdu Prose – IIDownload
5611Specific Study of Mir & Ghalib – IDownload
5612Specific Study of Mir & Ghalib – IIDownload
5613Specific Study  of Allama Iqbal – IDownload
5614Specific Study  of Allama Iqbal – IIDownload

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