AIOU Matric Solved Assignments 2023 (PDF Download)

Are you looking for AIOU matric solved assignment 2023 Spring & Autumn? Then you are in the right place. Here we provide you AIOU solved Martic assignment in pdf format.

AIOU Matric Solved Assignments 2023 (PDF Download)

200Selling Of Home Made ProductsDownload
202Pakistan StudiesDownload
203General ScienceDownload
204Urdu For Daily UseDownload
209General Home EconomicsDownload
219Home And Farm Operations ManagementsDownload
241Islamic FiqhDownload
251Ethics (For Non-Muslim)Download
257Fruit ProductionDownload
206Family Health And CareDownload
207Compulsory English – IDownload
208Garment Making – IDownload
210Garment Making – IIDownload
211Poultry FarmingDownload
212Maintenance Of House Hold Electrical ApplianceDownload
217Food And NutritionDownload
218First Aid – IDownload
220First Aid – IIDownload
221Compulsory English – IIDownload
222Applied Food & NutritionDownload
247Mathematics – I (Urdu)Download
248Mathematics – II (Urdu)Download
252Lab Techniques In PhysicsDownload
253Introduction To Livestock ManagementDownload
254Animal ProductionDownload
256Vegetable GrowingDownload
258Lab Techniques In ChemistryDownload
259Lab Techniques In BiologyDownload
260Information Technology Basics (Urdu)Download

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