Class 11 Computer Notes PDF, Punjab Board (Solution KeyBooks)

Class 11 Computer Science Notes For Punjab Board are designed to make computer science and programming concepts accessible and understandable for PCTB students. These Computer Science Notes are designed specifically for PCTB students of Class 11. Developed with the latest PCTB Computer Science Syllabus 2024-25 in mind, these notes aim to simplify complex concepts, making them easily understandable and accessible. These 11th Class Computer Science Notes will guide you through essential topics such as programming, Python, data types, functions, control structures, data structures, file handling, and more. You will also explore broader areas of computer science for class 11, including societal, legal, and ethical considerations related to technology.

11th Class Computer Science Notes (1st year Notes)

Chapter 1 Basics of Information Technology
Chapter 2 Information Network
Chapter 3 Data Communication
Chapter 4 Applications And Uses of Computers
Chapter 5 Computer Architecture
Chapter 10 Fundamentals of Internet
Chapter 6 Security, Copywrite, And the Law
Chapter 8 Word Processing
Chapter 9 Spreadsheet Software
Chapter 10 Fundamental of Internet

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