Class 11 Urdu Notes PDF, Punjab Board (Solution KeyBooks)

Class 11 Urdu Notes for Punjab Board are provided in this article, where the PCTB Class 11 students will find the chapter-wise revision notes which are free to download and ready to revise. The PCTB Class 11 students can sit back and relax because we are here to provide 11th Class Urdu Notes for them. All they need to do is focus on their study and revise well before they sit for their PCTB Class 11 Urdu exam. Why do we have to revise? Well, all these questions we will be covering in our article, but before that check out the links of the chapter-wise Urdu Notes for class 11. Additionally, you are advised to download the free PDF of Class 11 PCTB Urdu Notes and save them for later revisional purposes.

11th Class Urdu Notes, Keybooks (1st year Notes)

Chapter 1 → Uswa E Hasna

Chapter 2 → Apni Madad Ap

Chapter 3 → Sir Syed K Akhlaq O Khasail

Chapter 4 → Abu Al Qasim Zahravi

Chapter 5 → Adeeb Ki Izzat

Chapter 6 → Over Coat

Chapter 7 → Sifarish

Chapter 8 → Chiragh Ki Loo

Chapter 9 → Maktoobat E Ghalib

Chapter 10 → Maktoobat E Iqbal

Chapter 11 → Lahore Ka Geographia

Chapter 12 → Dosti Ka Phal

Chapter 13 → Kya Wakai Dunia Goal hy?

Chapter 14 → Aur Ana Ghar Mein Murghio Ka


Chapter 1 → Hamad

Chapter 2 → Naat

Chapter 3 → Tasleem O Raza

Chapter 4 → Maidan E Karbala Mein Subha Ka Manzar

Chapter 5 → Mustaqbil Ki Jhalak

Chapter 6 → Barsaat

Chapter 7 → Hilal E Istaqlaal

Chapter 8 → Khatab Ba Jawanane Islam

Chapter 9 → Paigham

Chapter 10 → Abstract Art

Chapter 11 → Qitaat

Chapter 12 → Local Bus

Chapter 13 → Wahdaniat


Ghazal 1 → Meer Taqi Meer

Ghazal 2 → Haider Ali Atish

Ghazal 3 → Mirza Khan Dagh

Ghazal 4 → Momin Khan Momin

Ghazal 5 → Hasrat Mohani

Ghazal 6 → Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Ghazal 7 → Ahmad Nadeem Kasimi

URDU Grammar

Applications Notes

Dialogues Notes

Grammar Notes

Receipts Notes

Ruddad Notes

Summary Notes

We hope the given Wise 1st year Urdu Notes and Key Points in Urdu Medium will help you. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about the Urdu notes for class 11; we will respond as soon as possible.

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