Top 10 Educational Websites in Pakistan For Students

To study online in Pakistan, students need to know about the top 10 educational websites, where students can easily find all the information related to education.

Nowadays, all the information about education is easily available on the internet. There are hundreds of educational websites in Pakistan. But those websites lack information.

We are going to tell you about the Top 10 educational websites in Pakistan. Those websites are useful for students from the primary level to the master level. Where students can easily get class notes, past papers, model papers, and other important information.

We have listed these websites by rating & ranking. Let’s look at these Top 10 Educational websites one by one.

Ilm ki Dunya

ilm ki Dunya  is the largest website used for educational information in Pakistan. Where daily about 25000 students view the components they need from this website. This website provides information not only for students but also for teachers.

On this website, students can easily get past papers, sample papers, educational news, scholarship information, and other important information.

Topper Studies

Topper Studies is the second most used website for educational information in Pakistan. This website is a major website providing past papers, admission information, jobs, and education info.

Every day 20,000 students visit this website for educational information.

Hamari web

We put Hamari web at number three for educational information. 5 lac people visit this website daily.

But this website is not only for educational information but this site also includes other things like dramas, sports, tv channels, news, etc.

Fsc Online

FSC Online is ranked fourth in Pakistan for Educational Info. About 7,000 people visit this website daily.

Most intermediate students visit this website. This website contains most of the intermediate material.


Study and Exam rank fifth among educational websites. About 5,000 people visit this website daily to find the information they need. Most of the past papers are available on the study and exam website. has been ranked sixth. This website also provides past papers and education information and admission information. About 5,000 people visit this website daily for information on education.

Learning All

At Learning All you can find what you need. Including education information, news, past papers. According to us, Learning All is ranked seventh among educational websites. Approximately 4k users daily visit this website. is very useful and the best website in Pakistan for reading and listening to lectures online. But unfortunately, our Pakistani students either don’t like to take lectures online or they don’t know this website.


We have placed BeEducated at number nine. This website provides mostly intermediate information and education news. This is a new website. The number of its members is increasing daily.

Students Guide

Students Guide ranks tenth among educational websites. You can find what they need on this website.

The Student’s Guide provides mostly Open University information, solved assignments free.

Here is a list of the top 10 educational websites and information about them. If you know of any good website which we haven’t added it, please tell us in the comments.

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